Opiate and Heroin


  UMADAOP of Cincinnati facilitates a population-based, community-wide prevention program to address the opiate and heroin crisis occurring throughout Hamilton County.  

Youth Programs


  UMADAOP of Cincinnati provides evidence-based prevention services that emphasize a culturally competent, client-centered, strength-based, specialized approach for program service delivery. Prevention services are provided to address alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence prevention strategies for youth and families that reside in Hamilton County.

Educational Enrichment Programs


  UMADAOP of Cincinnati, has developed programs to meet the cultural, age-appropriate and social-economic needs of their clientele. Utilizing a holistic approach to work toward the arrest and prevention of substance abuse. 

Peer Recovery Supporters


 Peer recovery coaches and supporters promote self-directed recovery by assisting individuals to identify problems before they occur; helping them to navigate through positive decision-making actions and strategies which benefits them and their families.  

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)


The Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care modeled programs are designed to provide local, recovery-oriented systems of care service modeled programming to address prevention, treatment and recovery support needs by supporting person-centered and self-directed approaches for substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery support services for youth and adult clients. 

Family Unification


  UMADAOP of Cincinnati Kinship Care Family Recovery Wrap Around Program will increase family bonding and successful family reunification, as well as provide weekly instructional services focusing on the knowledge of parenting and living a healthy lifestyle free from drugs, alcohol and other substances.  In additional to social emotional learning skills for the children to address trauma issues along with a timed cognitive behavioral group sessions and activities.